Dear Fellow Forum visitors,

Iam completly new on this forum so i would like to tell something about myself.
Iam a windows system administrator by a very large compagnie.
I live in the netherlands, excuse me for my bad english.

I have build my very first hackintosh pc.
The specs are

Asus P8P67 mainbord
I7 3,4ghz 2600K processor
16GB ram
GTX560 TI graphics
2 x 19 inch screens

I got everything working.
And have dual screens working with an kext but have 1 little problem left.
When i work on the hackintosh machine the gpu fan keeps spinning like a jet engine.
I have searched high and low but cant find the solution.
Do you all have tips or tricks that i can do?

Thanx for your time, and the help is very much appriciated.