Hi. New to all this. Bare with me please. My husband always told me I was a smart user cause I knew how to get out of the easy things but also knew when to stop and let him fix it. LOL. Now I have a problem and he is no longer here to fix it for me.

I inherited his HP Probook Laptop about 4 weeks ago. It had been working great. He had just "re done" the system with Lion I think. Then, the user I am clicked [OK] when the system wanted to auto update. Now, it will not go past the white screen with the apple on it. I have gone through all the diagnostics the HP has to offer and it appears fine. SO, I assume it tis the OS update that screwed me.

As far as I know there is nothing on it. I was using it to surf and watch netflix. And was going to use it for school which starts tomorrow.

Please help. Can I DL and reinstall the OS? OR is there a bootable help something? I can do flash drives.

Any help would be great as this is a new laptop that is currently a paperweight.