Hey guys! Finally may build me a hackintosh =) Thing about it is that when I first looked into this there were a lot of problems with audio..but I use my mac for audio production and Logic is a huge part of that. Would you guys be able to help me with advice/experience on what is rock solid?

Thoughts, kep it simple, cheap but powerful.
-16 GB Ram for the loading of plugins
-mobo+CPU that has onboard video, don't need dedicated but I'd still like it to be able to handle 1080p and some video editing. I'm ok with my Macbook Pro's 8600m GT so I imagine any of the newer sandy bridge or something has the same crunching power or better these days?
-firewire 400 for my audio interface, which might die sooner rather than later but firewire is sort of the standard
-eSATA? my external RAID is USB and eSATA...obviously I want the eSATA so if the mobo has that it'd be great.

But the single most important thing is stability. I would hate to have an unstable Logic environment, problems integrating my Native Instruments plug-ins or Heaven forbid my audio interface won't talk pretty.

Experiences? Thanks guys!