Hi guys!

I'm new to all things Mac, and I'm considering building a Hackintosh. A week ago, I bought a Mac Mini to check out OSX the non-hassle way, and it feels nice enough that I want to go ahead with building it a Big Brother. So my question is basically, if the motherboard is Hackintosh-compatible, does it automatically follow that the memory and processor are compatible as well, as long as the motherboard supports them?

Apparently, also the graphics card needs to be compatible, but how about other components like MIDI cards (Echo MIA MIDI, specifically) and external FireWire audio interfaces (FireFace 800, specifically) and so on, do they automatically work if the Hackintosh itself works (assuming drivers exist)? And how about Bluetooth dongles for wireless Mac keyboards and the Magic Track Pad, DVD-readers/writers, SSD's and so on? Do I need to be nervous each time I add new hardware to my setup? If so, this is probably not for me.

The primary use for my Hac (is that the official abbreviation?) will be making music. There's really nothing wrong with my Windows setup, but I've heard so many good things about making music on a Mac that I thought it might be worth trying out. On Windows, I'm using Sonar Producer (which I'm quite happy with, actually), and Logic Pro would most likely be my software of choice on the Hac.

What I don't want is constant hassle. I need my external hardware to work with the Hac.

I will also have Windows 7 installed anyway, and if the Hackintoshing for some reason doesn't work out, I will probably just keep on using Windows, as opposed to spend time trying out a bunch of potentially incompatible hardware.

Comments appreciated,