What's up hackint0sh community, I hope you had a good Holiday season - Happy New Year! I want to start a project... I am a gamer and a musician and I plan on using my hackint0sh for both. Actually, I would like to create a triple OS system: OS X, Vista, and Ubuntu.

OS X would be for my music. I run Logic Studio 9 with an Apogee Duet interface. From what I have read, I should be able to run those as well as update them with no problem. Vista would be for a couple games I play: Asheron's Call and Star Wars: The Old Republic. WineHQ isn't working with either of these so I can't use them on Ubuntu. And finally, Ubuntu for everything else because I can't stand Windows :)

So, this is the deal.. I am thinking about buying a computer with these specs:

+ I will add 2 hard drives for the other operating systems.

Can you foresee any problems with my idea before I spend $300 on the computer? :) Thank you for any advice!