Hi Folks,

I've just done my first OSX install using iBoot for SL and uniBeast for 10.7. When I installed 10.6.8 I had full graphics support including dual monitors with my nVidia 210 (graphics enabler=Yes.) & DSDT installed for my Gigabyte EX58-UD4.

Upon upgrading to Lion 10.7, I still have all resolutions available and I can play chess & preview screensavers so I'm pretty sure QI/CE is active but I can't get
2 monitors working. I have my primary plugged into the VGA, & the secondary plugged into the DVI.

Snow Leopard recognized the 2nd monitor in display options and let me configure it. In Lion, when I plug in the second monitor, it just switches over to the second display?

Any help much appreciated.