I am building a new rig and thinking of going with the latest graphics.

As 6970 is very old and so will be GTX 580,7970 is newest and best GPU in the market.

I do not want to buy GTX 580 which has major hackintosh issues,idk if they have been solved fully.Nor do i want to go with 6970.

As new games and application will need 7970 and upcoming Keplar Nvidia GPU's,i am wanting to go with the latest.

Keplar is too far away and we have no idea when it will have OSX support if any.

The Tahitii codename is mentioned in the lastest Lion Preview builds so its support might come soon and as recent history of Mac's showed us,AMD cards will defintely be the ones Apple chooses and gets the support.

So anybody taken the step?

What do you recommend for me?