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Discuss Ziphone success rates for Ziphone with 1.1.3 otb and 1.1.4 otb at the General -; I was wondering if Ziphone is reliable when activating/jaibreaking/unlocking. Please, if it has worked for ...
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    Default Ziphone success rates for Ziphone with 1.1.3 otb and 1.1.4 otb

    I was wondering if Ziphone is reliable when activating/jaibreaking/unlocking. Please, if it has worked for you and you had 1.1.3 otb or 1.1.4 otb explain to what length it was a success.

    In addition if I get an iphone from a store tomorrow what FW+Bl is it likely to be?

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    Follow this if u wanna, my fone is working 100% now with no probs after installing some fixes which are in my tutorial PROpZ!

    Originally Posted by libertybenz2
    what ru saying dude, are you ok?

    ANY VERSION --> 1.1.4 fully workin w/t-mobile
    u want to downgrade to 1.1.1 using ziphone?! WRONG

    do this ya douche. get yourself ibrickr , and put ur fone in DFU mode (hold power and home button, power first then home, and just count approximately 5 seconds make sure it doesnt turn off and keep holding the home button

    plug the phone in and have ibrickr detect it , doesnt matter if itunes is running also it wont bite. I brickr will ask u wat u want to do and click BEGIN DOWNGRADE TO 1.0.2. Next your screen will turn white, and ibrickr will instruct you to located 1.0.2.ipsw in the ibrickr folder (if its not there, which i think it should be, just download it and just save it into ibrickr and rename "1.0.2.ipsw)

    Begin the downgrade (if it hangs out waiting for iphone which happens on fones week 47 and beyond, jump to step )

    Next after your done downgrading, and after ibrickr starts up the fone, your going to want to virginize your phone. You can do this by downloading newest version of iphone, and going to advanced prefs and click "virginize 3.9 baseband". THis will ierase your phone, and when it starts up itunes will tell u HEY YOUR NOT AN AT&T CUSTOMER?!?! GETTEM! this is fine

    now after this step, your going to want to go to itunes and shift restore yourself to 1.1.4, dont update because w.e. u downloaded b4 might stay on so its gay lol

    after youve succeeded in upgrading yourself to 1.1.4 run ziphone again, newest gui version, and click DO IT ALL this will unlock/jailbreak/activate your fone, and since its you virginize, it is BRAAAAAAAND SPANKING NEW KID! congratulations, you just laid an egg

    this is what i did , then add the source (bigboss repo) and install t-mobile 5.99 hack, assuming u have t-mobile. If not search around for w.e. service provider yu got and see if theres a fix

    other than that my fones working great.. except when i installed customize, somehow i found a tutorial and managed to get the 1.1.2 version on, it still was not working. all i needed it for was for hiding all the icons anyway. So install the app "poof" this will hide any apps on springboard, assuming u got summerboard installed. Then, install bigbossprefs to turn off ssh when ur not using it so it wont drain. I installed bigbossprefs because the app "services" was buggin out me like i would turn wifi and edge off and close out the application, then wen i opened it again they were on again UUUUGHHHH shoot me lol

    anywway hope this helps w w.e. ur trying to do.

    and admins by chance reading this and think its informative, give me sum rep power! i think i deserve it lol peace




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