Hi guys,

I brought from a business trip 2 IPhones from UK to germany. Number 1 is working fine from day 1, number 2 just happend to have sporadic issues with the WLAN.
Day 1 it worked fine, on the following days I wasn't even able to "see" a WLAN in the network list. After some tries, restarts... and a good sleep it went back on and I was able to activate it. Since then it was working "part-time". But now its gone for almost 3 days.
No display of ANY WLAN (no matter where) and when I add a WLAN manually it says that it can't find the WLAN (or can't connect, don't remember). (I already restarted it, reset it, downgraded, upgraded the firmware and so on...)

Have you guys heared of any WLAN issues like that so far.
Do you think that the "virginizer" will be of help?
If I need to get it repaired, how can I do that in germany? Bring it to an apple-store or via the german apple-webiste (I tried once, but as I had to choose from a predefined list of errors and none of them had something to do with WLAN, I stopped and went on trying to somehow fix it)


P.S.: No, it is not a problem of the router, dns, ip or other stuff. I know what I'm doing (at least what I try to do) and as the IPhone No.1 is working fine....