I wanted to change the password for logging in to iphone via winSCP, and so i followed the tutorial from here http://www.hacktheiphone.com/74/ipho...indows_74.html

I used this website to generate a new password http://iphone.simbunch.com/crypt.php

i followed the steps identical except for one mistake...instead of editing the passwdfile, i copied the new edited one from my desktop and did drag n drop to the iphone folder. I did not think it would make a difference if i just copied over the original file. good news is i did make a backup of the pwd file

now when i try to logon with my new password it denies me.

how do i fix this problem? none of the passwords work, alpine or dottie or my new password. previously i used alpine. now i regret it as i cant login to my iphone via winscp anymore.

can anyone help pls?

i cant login to restore original pwd...am i screwed??

using an app called squid i look at properties of file etc/master.passwd
permissions on the file is 420 (644)