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Discuss will there be an unlock for sure? at the General -; i am thinking of buying an iphone but obviously there is no v1.1.1 availible ...
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    Default will there be an unlock for sure?

    i am thinking of buying an iphone but obviously there is no v1.1.1 availible the meantime do you guys think that its safe enough to buy v1.1.2 right away or should i wait untill there is an unlock?..basically what i am asking is that will there surely be a software unlock or is possible that the dev team mite say that its just not possible? I dont want to use a hardware alternative because there are a lot of people questioning its reliability and i also have no idea where to get my hands on one in dubai:S.
    main reason i want to buy it asap is because im worried that once v1.1.3 is released then it will become hard to find a v1.1.2 as well which means i mite have to wait another 5 months for the next unlock:|
    thnx in advance and keep up the awesome forum

    edit > > ok sorry i just browsed the forum more carefeully and realised this has aldready been discussed sorry about that:S
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