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Progress Report
July 8, 2007 2:50 Eastern Update
The bootloader is basically a dead end. Everything that goes into it must be signed, and without apples 1024-bit RSA private key, this isn't going to happen. Fortunately we have another in. We have basically full command over the file system and can upload, copy, and run files. I'll say this, ringtones would be a *trivial* thing to do now. We know the radio is accessible though software from from thisbbupdate dump. Once the toolchain is working, we can write a program to write to /dev/tty.baseband, and finally unlock this thing. Thanks

Cool dude , Way to Go. And Really thank you for this update. I was think maybe you all guys have join Apple already.

Hey gang,


Maybe I'm missing something important,but if you read
the TrustZone stuff closely, and Apple implemented the hardware well,
breaking this baby to work with any carrier could be near impossible
without opening each individual iphone and hacking the hardware on each.

Also, it appears as if each device may have its own private key,
meaning if one 1024 bit key is compromised, you can only sign software
for that iPhone.

Comments are invited.

Cameron E.