hi! i have an 1.1.2 OOB phone that i was going to H/W unlock. after i opened the phone i realized i didnt downgrade to 1.1.1 so i just popped the sim tray in and downgraded. at 1.1.1 i started the jailbreak but i noticed that the wifi wont load pages on the 1.1.2 oob, so i started up my 1.1.1 oob and teseted and the pages which loaded perfectly so i decided to go back to prefs:// and renew lease on the 1.1.2 oob, but when i clicked wifi i noticed it took the phone at least 30 seconds to find the network, while one my other one its instant cause the router is right next to me. so can anyone tell me how make the wifi work correctly on the 1.1.2 oob?