I've got a 3G iPhone since two Years. In 3.1.2 firmware after few months, i 've got a trouble to connect to all wifi access point (wpa, wep, without security). I can see all access point, but after entering the key, i always have thé same error message : impossible to join the network.
At my home my iMac, iPhone 4g and iPad CAN join my wifi network.
I have extended my dhcp range address enought for my iPhone.
After reseting all my paramters, restaure with a 3.1.2 no jailbreak, 3.1.2 jailbreak, restaure from scratch, update to 4.1 no JB and with JB ..... I still have this trouble.

With a Apple tool, i can see a timeout error message when i try to authenticite to the wifi network. It seems like the wifi access point did not answer in Time for iPhone.

Someone knows where can i modify the value of the timeout in the iPhone ?

Thanks a lot for your help.