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    Angry Why is iPhone Safari crashing repeatedly?

    Let's start with a link for all of you browsing from your iPhone:

    As you can see it's an URL from Dev Team's blog, so no trojan horse or tricks to be worried of.

    The thing is that ever since 2.x firmware, my 2G iPhone has been acting really weird. Slow keyboards, unstable maps, rough contacts, pretty much what others have pointed out already.

    But there is something I haven't read that much: iPhone' Safari keeps crashing.

    This happens, as I have figured it out, under two possible scenarios: 1. Large (rather long) pages, and 2. After several minutes using Safari.

    You can try this by following the link above after 15-20 minutes browsing. Try, too. my iPhone crashes on this page sporadically.

    I have also noticed (very) slow loading of websites. I can say I'm on 2.0.2 now, and many bugs are fixed and general slowness has been addressed, but safari is crashing more than ever.

    I just want you to give it a try (the link above, I mean) and share your experiences on your :iphone: firmware. Of course, if you have suggestions, please post them here.

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    Why not try pwning it all over again? Create yourself a 2.0.1 IPSW via PwnageTool or Winpwn and restore your iPhone. Theoretically that should make things normal.

    Make sure that you have the latest version of PwnageTool or Winpwn.

    Or downgrade it to 1.1.4 and check the status of your iPhone again. I read that PwnageTool could do that.

    If nothing works try sending it back to Apple and request a new one. I also read that some of the victims of Ziphone send their iPhone's back to Apple and requested new ones.

    Good luck.

    If you need a tutorial on PwnageTool;



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    This is not a pwnage or ziphone issue. I have a 3g iphone on an o2 contract, not jailbroken or hacked in anyway and since loading 2.02 mine crashes alot. try this web page for example and type in your home town and say one 30 miles away from you, then watch it crash!

    This is the harmon kardon website that plans a playlist for your journey, its a good idea but safari on the iphone crash's whenever i try it. definitely an issue apple needs to address in 2.1



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