Hi guys,

I've been trying to get a danish dictionary to work better on the iPhone. The existing one is great, but it replaces some danish words with english, very common used words like:

"ja" (means "yes") replaced with english "is"
"er" (means "are" or "is") repalced with english "we"
etc etc...

It's a bit annoying.

So I downloaded iPhoneshop and played around. Tryed to create a dict file ONLY containing the danish words "ja" and "er". Uploaded the 3 generated files , restarted iPhone just to be safe. But no, it still replaces "ja" with "is" and "er" with "we".

So I assume there's another file with words like "is" and "we" in it?

I was thinking maybe geography-two-letter-stems.dat has something to do with it?
A google search only returns 2 hits on that file, and those hits are just indexes of files on the iPhone. No help there.

iPhoneshop will not "dump" this file, so I have no idea how to access it.

Can anybody help?


(or at least tell let me know if there's a different way to get rid of the "is" and "we" words all the time).