Yes, my question is what do i need to do with my 1.1.2 OOB phone to customize it for use in Sweden. The last weeks i've been trying to read the news and things to do to get the phone to work in another country. I have a pretty good idea, but everything is not clear to me.

1. Is it possible to have a custom keyboard with the Swedish characters(ňń÷) visible? Not that i can get them by holding down a or something. I want them to be on the keyboard. But maybe this is already in 1.1.2?

2. Is it possible to have a Swedish dictionary for auto correction. I understand that there are custom dictionarys for 1.1.1. But do they work in 1.1.2?

3. To avoid tha phone app and sms app crashing. All i need to do is to edit the AppSupport file? Is there a place where i could download a custom file for Sweden or do i have to make one myself.

Is there any other thing i need to think of to customize my phone to Swedish standards? I want all the menus and things to be in English, but i want all the national settings to be Swedish. Like when you have a English Windows XP, but the regional settings is for your country.

Hope that someone can help. Even if you don't know where to find files for Sweden, maybe you remember what you did to your phone to customize it for your country.