i have been using an 2G with a broken homebutton for quite a while. the homebuttons funktions were replaced with the app quickdo. so everything was working fine.

a few days ago i decided to restore the whole thing to get a clean system. after restoring it now the home button works perfektly but the mic is broken. fail

i am 100% sure that the home button did not work minutes before that, because i couldnt send it in DFU mode which i tried just "accidently". so i did just a "normal" restore through iTunes with a regular ipsw from apple. then i just ran blackrain for the jailbreak, the unlock remained from before.

so now that i noticed the "broken" mic i remembered that sometimes this could also be a software issue. but severel restores with a clean ipsw in dfu mode didnt change anything.

so now the "broken" home button works like a charm and the mic doesnt.

any ideas?