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Discuss waterdamage/jailbroken phone. HELP! at the General -; OK, long story, I'll start from about two weeks ago when i first jailbroke my ...
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    Exclamation waterdamage/jailbroken phone. HELP!

    OK, long story, I'll start from about two weeks ago when i first jailbroke my iPhone 3G. It took me forever to downgrade from the current 4.0 to 3.1.3 and from there, itunes surprisingly let me backup to a old previous backup i made when i actually had 3.1.3 which let me keep most of my contacts cause i knew it would've been a pain in the ass to get them again because i don't sync contacts. I used such a crazy combination of jailbreaking programs that i don't remember which one really did it for me. I somehow downgraded from 4.0 to 3.1.3, then once downgraded blackra1n worked for me.

    Flash forward, me and a bunch of friends decided that we were gonna bike 7 miles to the beach. My jailbroken phone is working great. it was a race to the marker about 100 feet in the lake, show up on the beach jump off our bikes and run into the water and my phone was in the pocket of my board shorts, i forget this part, I didn't realize my phone was there until i was 50 feet out in the water, which probably wouldve been fine, because the shorts are 50% spandex which is very water resistant, but me, the fucking retard, pulled my phone out of my pocket and held it above the surface and swam back. before i got to the shore i could see it was displaying that no sim card inserted, as i watched my screen fill up with water and it turned itself off and not turning on by the time i got back to my stuff.

    Rushed home, put my sim card in a old regular flip phone ( this would give me some crazy fee will it? ) and threw the phone in a bag of rice. waited till there is no source of water, plugged it in, LCD screen lights up bright at first, dims down real quick to barely visible. Tried a million times in recovery mode to restore to any firmware including current. my phone will make it all the way through the restore till the end and itll pop up with a error message. I think its probably cause the phone keeps rebooting every 30 seconds. I cant put the phone in dfu mode, cause it wont turn on when its not plugged into the computer. Now, im not sure if this is because the phone got wet, or because its jailbroken, i think maybe a combination. The only thing i can think is that the water damaged the battery, and i cant put in dfu mode because of that, and because its jailbroken, it wont restore in recovery mode. any help is greatly appreciated. please let me know of any methods going about this, my warranty is already expired so swapping the detectors does nothing for me.

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