I just got an iPhone not too long ago and I love it. I got the 3gs with 32gb of space in fact Anyway I love gaming on my phone too but some of the games are really expensive.... I just don't have the money to keep buying these new releases at $5 to $6 a piece..

What I did was I asked around and a friend at school actually told me about this site.

It allows you to fill out simple surveys.. its kind of boring but they give you tons of points for them, its crazy. It takes 200 points to get a $20 itunes gift card. I get like 20-30 points for each survey. I got to 200 in 3 days just doing a couple after school everyday. Now I do a lot more

The guy who runs it is actually pretty cool too. When I emailed the company to get my gift card he gave me congrats and gave me 20 extra points. Anyway check it out. Now I can afford my iPhone Games

Here's the site: My Home Surveys | It's time to shop for free!