Hope someone can help

When doing a du -hd 1 in terminal, I'm seeing apps I already manually deleted and copies of these apps in Media and Library. Most of the apps are in

/ private var root applications

I moved them there via this instruct:
* "cd /"
* "cp -rf Applications /private/var/root/"
* "mv Applications Applications.old"
* "ln -s /private/var/root/Applications /Applications"

If you type "ls -la / | grep Applications" now to check whether these commands worked, the final part of the line that's printed should say "Applications -> /private/var/root/Applications". IF it does not say this, STOP and go post in the forum thread with what it does say. If everything looks good, run the following command and then reboot your phone.

* "cd /"
* "rm -rf /Applications.old"

I'd like to move the darned things back but don't know what the pathway is. The phone was working fine with 1.1.3 & same baseband (AT&T) till I did this. Installer is crashing now also and I can't get it to stick. I also fear a duplication of these things but I can't find them anywhere.

Could someone tell me the right path they are in? And, how to remove the same apps from Media and Library which I can't get into? I see them in terminal but don't in Fugo. Thanks.