This is so weird!

I've had my unlocked 1.1.1 phone working for a while without any problems at all. Everything worked well then all of a sudden the voicemail notification just stopped working!

Before, when I missed a call and the caller left a message my phone would give me a notification sound and a red circle would be over the voicemail section.

It would also show a number of missed call and when I had voicemails there would be a little + sign to indicate I had missed calls + voice messages.

Now it doesn't work anymore. When someone leaves a voice mail, I get no notification sound or red circle!

Anyone have this problem? I know people had a problem with this function not working after the 1.1.1 update...but I never heard of someone having this work and suddenly stop!

btw...I forgot...when I download the 1.1.1 recovery files there is no ipsw file in there just dmg and others. Which files extension do I change to .ipsw to have a recovery file for itunes?