For some reason, two days ago, suddenly, I cannot access voicemail from my iPhone.

Im able to access it from other phones, but for some reason, when i hit the voicemail button on the iphone...nothing happens. the red dot is there (apparently there was an issue with this)...but i actually cannot make the call to listen to the mailbox.

when i saw nothing happens, i mean literally NOTHING just stays on the phone screen, with the selected option switching to voicemail to whatever it was before and back again. i thought it could be the screen and it wasn't recognizing my fingers....but that area of the screen works on everything else.

ive searched the forums with no luck in anything similar.

anyone know what's going on and a fix?

im using a otb 1.1.2 iphone with stealthsim. ive tried resetting, removing sim etc..everything but actually restoring iphone and starting again...something I'm not quite keen on right now.

everything else works fine though

any ideas?