Ok tried searching forum multiple times but can't seem to find a solution to this one...
I'm trying to get a handle on how the voicemail button works. I'm on vodafone UK and the number I would usually use to call voicemail is 121.
Others who are on different networks (e.g. those on o2 in Germany iirc) have been able to connect to their voicemail inbox using the voicemail directly.
I however am unable to do the same thing - am I doing something wrong?

here's what I've done so far today - I'm on a mac

complete restore using phone firmware 1.02 and iTunes 7.4
quit iTunes and the helper
install AppTapp installer via the GUI for mac
use the phone activation with youtube terminal script
use the GUI from the dev_team to unlock
install loads of stuff including BSD subsystem, ssh, summerboard and a few other apps via installer.

so, serious congrats to the dev_team for all their hard work. without you guys, I'd never have gotten even this far.

I also seem to be getting the opposite error with phone numbers that others have experienced; the names come up on caller ID when someone calls me, and the names appear in the SMS application when I'm receiving SMS. However at first when an SMS is received, it's just the number not the name, +447XXXYYYZZZ. A bit confusing!

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on a solution to this. Since apart from being able to follow instructions, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to things like this