Hi to all, this my second post and I have run in to trouble, I have looked every were in the forums and I don't find the answer to my problem, here it is:
I am trying to unlock the iPhone with a turbo sim card, I am following the hack the iPhone steps, the first ten I have all ready cover them but I am stuck on step 14 it says to type cd /System/Library/Lockdown/ but it tells me that such a file or directory does not exist, if I type cd System it finds the System directory after that I type cd Library and it also gets me to the Library directory but the one directory that it is missing is the lockdown one, I followed every step perfectly and now I don't know what to do. How can I get access to this directory. Also I don't see a final step when you insert the turbo sim card. Please help me I don't want to end with a brick.