Updating Temporarily Kills Cydia/Icy and ...

Jailed =
- Only AppStore Applications
- No Filesystem Access
- No Control over phone
- Only one Network
- No Video Recording
- AppStore denied Apps has to R.I.P.
- Stable iPhone

- Multiple Stores
- Even U-n-I has the option of creating of our own Stores !
- Complete control on phone
- More features (for free)
- Unstable phone (if user has no idea of what he has installed)
- Video recording
- Multiple OS
- Themes
- Download Youtube Videos
- Privacy
- Multiple Networks (saves money)
- Complete Backup and Restore possible
- Better Troubleshooting
- Recover deleted files
- Practice/Learn/code C/C++/java/... on mobile
- and many more
- Money to other stores for their services and apps

so be careful. do not update untill and unless you know
what you are doing.

Thanks to all those who are involved in freeing the iPhone.