I just re-read the press release on blog.iphoneunlocking.com and this part didn't make sense:

iphoneunlocking.com, a subsidiary of UniquePhones (www.uniquephones.com). was poised and ready to release remote software unlocking services for the iphone today at 12 noon EST. The sale of unlocking codes is on hold after the company received a telephone call from a Menlo Park, California, law firm at approximately 2:54 a.m. this morning (GMT).
If they were genuinely selling "unlocking codes" remotely then the C&D legal aspects they mention are bunk. The C&D they quote mentions "software dissemination" and "copyright infringement" nether of which are relevant if they sell you an unlock code. The unlock code is just a number - a series of digits. There is no software to disseminate and no copyright to infringe from using the unlock code. When entering the code you are using the normal software of the device to which you have a valid license to use.

If I had the unlock code that unlocked my phone, AT&T could not do anything about it, no more so than if I had the telephone number of the pope.

If they're alluding to the fact that the law firm was referring to THEIR software (the software iphoneunlock.com used to generate the unlock code) then there's no way it could hold water. AppleT&T have no way of knowing that the method that iphoneunlock.com use to generate the codes is a result of "disseminating software" or "copyright infringement". For all the law firm know, iphoneunlock.com could be using astrology and a pack or tarot cards to find the unlock codes.

Either the person writing the press-release can't express themselves clearly and accurately or it's a scam. Either way, somebody else *please* release a software unlock.