Hi there,

first of: Thanks to all you people with the know -- it's good for a newbie to have somewhere competent to look ..!
Which leads me to my question: I am unable to follow the "modify you iPhone to dial the correct voicemail number" threads successfully. My phone keeps "forgetting" my SIM after I ssh myself into it via minicom in order to AT-command it. Only after a full clean re-set of the whole iPhone in iTunes do I get it to work again (thanks to iNdependence and TurboSIM this only take me about 12 minutes now) with my Eplus SIM. So, the SIM itself isn't "deleted", only the iPhone doesn't recognize it anymore.
So no AT commands for me, or it's always back to the drawing board ...

My setup: iPhone with TurboSIM and Eplus SIM from Germany - activated, jailbroken and SSHed with iNdependence.
Installer.app with Community Services, BSD subsystem and OpenSSH.

One time, minicom even put out rather "strange" characters instead of the ones I actually typed... (Mac OS X's terminal). Of course: Complete reset afterwards was neccessary once again.

Since I followed every applicable thread and no-one else seems to have this problem, could this something to be with my very SIM? Or did someone else run into this but didn's post it yet? BTW: Setting the VM number to the SIM in another phone actually lead to the same result ("..drawing board").
Any suggestions? Thank you all again!