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    Default not viewable in full?

    Is it just me, or is not viewable in its full version on the iPhone? I keep getting shoved over to and see no link to "view as standard" or something.


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    Sites like this that use mod_rewrite based on browser ids exclusively to provide separate sites really upset me.

    Not like in the case of TUAW it is as bad as BestBuy and their wonderful redirection to an entirely different website if viewed from their POS Terminals instead of any other web browser, but still...

    Bottom line is: get used to it... odds are that more people will start going down this path as sites start getting complaints at loading times or random crashes of mobile web browsers when there are ginormous image ads shown on screen.

    If you have jailbroken, you can tweak your browser id / user agent a bit and then all the sudden get the very same website on your computer as you would your phone.

    You could also complain to TUAW and ask that they add a token check as Gizmodo does on their iPhone-Optimized website...
    (I can't even begin to say how dirty I felt saying "iPhone-Optimized website".)




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