Thinking some solutions and reading a lot of threads about you and your company I have ended with this solution that is going to make almost all your customers happy and a lot of new people.

With all the money you have received from the iphonesimfree app why not building the best site to unlock your iphone, you could include all the files, information, and unlocking software as they are released, I am sure that you will keep your old customers happy by doing this because sooner or later they will have to go to your site and view information on how to unlock their iphones if a new firmware locks their phones, or also find other tools to hack or install apps on their iphones.

If am sure that if you build one of the best sites on the net with information about the iphone and everything related all the money that you have received will be seen as ok by your customers that don't receive the iphonesimfree unlock.

Also right now if you want to unlock an iphone you need to go to one site to find a software, then go to another to get another app, then enter to this site and find information about a problem, etc, etc.

I think that right now everything is a mess to unlock the iphone and if you offer a nice site with a lot of clear and easy information to everybody you will have your customers happy and also if you place ads you will also receive some money.