I am avid follower of this forum, but not a stronger poster, I always seem to find the answers I'm looking for using the search.

Anyway after using my 1.1.2 (now upgraded to 1.1.4) for the past 5 monthon vodafone UK, I have recently developed a problem with sending a text message. I did have quite a long message list of people, with a lot of conversations. When I suddenly was unable to send any text messages, simply saying ERROR SENDING MESSAGE, I even tried sending from iSMS, which have had installed from day one, and used to forward the joke texts I receive.

I have deleted all conversations from the main text screen, so the inbox was empty, which deleted all messages from iSMS (which is normal, i think), and have even tried re-entering the text message centre number several times and switching phone off and back on to see if it resets itself, but I have had no luck, exept now when I send a message I am told the same as before ERROR SENDING MESSAGE, and the message does not appear in the conversation screen, but I am told the message is sent to the reciprient 3 times, so every time I try to send it, its gives the error, but delivers it 3 times anyway.

Has Anybody had this kind of problem before, or can you recommend anything for me to try, or does it sound like an issue with vodafone uk.

I will add I have the 8 gig ( but that is obvious for the time I have used it), week 42, with about 4 gig of spare memory, average windows user and able to ssh, but not confident enough to be altering plists.

Any help or suggestions would be mostly appreciated.