Apparentely, the iphone 3G does not support the XML mode, which was not the case for the previous version of the iphone!
I discovered that by trying to replace the /System/Library/CoreServices/ I first converted the SpringBoard.strings in XML, did some changes and then replaced the original binary one with the modified XML one: it did not work!!!!!

Then I converted the modified XML one in a binary form : and IT DID WORK!!!!
My conclusion is that the 3G iphone DOES NOT SUPPORT the XML form, contrary to the previous version of the iphone!!!!

For me, that was a big change and I really do not know if that was already reported by someone else!

Anyway, those interested with the tap to unlock feature can do it this way:

Simply replace:


with one of the images found in , then open:


and replace "slide to unlock" with " " (fifteen spaces, minus the quotes).
Voila, instead of sliding to unlock, you'll be able to tap to unlock.

The very big TRICK is to convert the modified XML SpringBoard.strings in a binary form by using , which works both ways : XML and binary!!!!

This is to me a big change that will be valid for all the various mods that we used to do in the previous version of iphone that did accept both XML and binary:
Apparentely, the iphone 3G does accept only binary and NOT XML.


PS : The tap to unlock mod is not mine, I am only reporting the Kylgore article with slight changes for the iphone 3G :