Hey all,

I wanted to stop by and share my success story (as well as thank all the devs for their hard work getting the iphone unlocked).

So I used iUnlock and unlocked my iPhone (already jail broken, AppTapp installed). I took it to a local T-Mobile kiosk and asked if I could sign up for a plan without buying a phone. They were very confused about the iPhone working with T-Mobile but agreed to go along with what I asked for

I asked to sign up for the monthly Flex-Pay (pre-pay) Blackberry data-only plan for $29.99. I hate contracts, and I really wanted to see how well EDGE would work for the data service. I already have a nextel phone for voice/PTT. After insisting I'd want some voice minutes they finally gave in and sold me the plan. They tied it to a brand new SIM, and I popped it into my iPhone. I got an "Error" message when trying to get into the Network information, so I power cycled the iPhone.

When it came up, Network settings were accessable. I went into EDGE settings and set the APN to wap.voicestream.com (thanks to the HoFo T-Mobile wiki). The little E lit up, and everything was working OK. This seems like a great plan because VPN access is working for me also, which I didn't think would be included with the blackberry plan.

So in summary, the $29.99 Blackberry plan can be put onto any SIM card, and it will work just great with the iPhone. It does not need to be used in a blackberry device first as somebody here had speculated.

Thanks to all the devs (hey sam!) for their hard work!!!

- turbo