I loaded the test trial version, and i cant not get it provide PUSH email as it claimed on several aritcle. I contacted the help desk to get an explaination and this is what I got:

Thank you for your interest in Gateway, perhaps the following will help explain the set up of Gateway/ Iphone email:

The Mobile Gateway supports two industry standards for push email: IMAP Idle and OMA EMN. These standards require for the mobile handset to also support them to enable a push email service to be delivered.

Unfortunately the Apple iPhone does not support these standards currently and we are therefore not able to provide a push email service to the device. It is however possible to automate delivery of email to the iPhone.

1. Simply leaving the email application open will check Mobile Gateway for new email every 2 minutes (Please Note that the Email service will only be checked for new email every 10 minutes)

2. The auto-check option in the settings>email menu can be set to automatically check email on a regular basis.

Hopefully iPhone will support the push email standards in the future to allow Mobile Gateway to provide a push service to the handset.

The primary benefit for the Apple iPhone users is with access to Microsoft Exchange email.

IMAP access is generally not enabled on company Exchange servers due to the security risks of opening up a IMAP access ports on the company firewall.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) however is a standard method for allowing external access to Exchange email which is often available by default on company Exchange servers.

Apple iPhone, like all other mobile phones, as standard can only offer IMAP access to Microsoft Exchange. Mobile Gateway uses the OWA access mechanism into Exchange and bridges the gap between this and the iPhone IMAP access, allowing Exchange email to be easily delivered to the iPhone.

For other mobile devices the Mobile Gateway offers an additional wide range of benefits including synchronization of contacts and calendar information with Exchange and other business email services, automated handset configuration and push email.

With regard to the cost Mobile Gateway will be offered as a Hosted service through network operators and other service providers. We are currently talking to a number of service providers regarding them offering the service at the end of the trial. We will be in contact with users during the trial to provide the options for continuing with using the service after the trial has been completed.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Has anyone got this software to work?