Hi guys.

Im after a bit of help from you. Perhaps you could inlighten me on what is going on here..... There seems to have been quite a few other people with this problem looking on google, but I couldnt really get to grips on how to fix this problem.

I recently downloaded 'swaptunes' from cydia on my 2g iphone. Tried to swap the playlists around, and boom, my music has gone. Of course the other playlist it will have accessed/created will be empty, but I cant swap it back around. So my music and videos are all gone.

The phone is still saying that I have used 3GB worth of memory (Which was my music), but obviously, I cant find it. A few people have found a fix by 'SSH'ing the iphone, but I dont know what that is, and really dont fancy risking doing it myself incase I balls things up and ruin the phone. Ive had a numerous amount of problems with unlocking/jailbreaking the iphone, and only got it working the other day, so I really dont want to restore it.

Haave any of you got any suggestions in what I can do?

Thanks in advance, Howard