I previously had a 2g iPhone which I adored. However, I had to give it up because I needed something 3g that I can tether to my laptop so I have internet access / can play games at work (grave shift, lol).

Anyway, I ended up with a Blackjack II which is ass. I really want to get an iPhone 3g, but I don't want to risk tethering it. I've been caught with tethering before and would rather not go through that again.

So, I'm wondering what my options would be to have an iPhone but be able to otherwise tether...for instance, would it work to have both the iPhone plan and the tethering plan on my number, and just swap the sim card between the iPhone and a phone that I am allowed to tether?

I thought about getting a laptop card, but AT&T wants like $15/mo for the extra line + $80/mo for unlimited data, which altogether is like $35/mo MORE than just tethering a normal phone.

If anyone has any other great ideas on keeping my iPhone but satisfying my tethering needs I'd love to hear them!