Hey there,

I am experiencing a strange combination of the well known sleep mode - not ringing - bug and a battery that can't hold the charge.

It's a 1.1.2 OTB, downgrade 1.1.1, jailbreak, upgrade 1.1.2, jailbreak, bladox turbosim unit.

It obviously has the "i just won't ring in standby mode"-bug, but i didn't do anything to "fix" it (no john tool, no deleting of the power management file).

In addition the phone has a very short battery life (2.5h usage + 15h standby).
So, I did some testing and as it shows, the battery itself seems to be ok: cause I repeated a video (movie) on 50% brightness to see how long it lasts and to my surprise it played for 6.5h (very close to the 7h of videoplay promoted by apple).

After some more testing I can say the standby mode eats up my battery more quickly than having it turn fully on with low brightness.

Somebody else who experienced this connection (i am seeing it as a connection, since I go with the assumption that the sleep mode bug is power management related)? Any suggestions?