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    Default stop location tracking for not jailbroken devices too

    stop location tracking for not jailbroken devices too

    disable iphone location tracking even in NOT JAILBROKEN devices

    This script is designed to “patch” the iPhone “bug” that makes it store user location data.

    This will not harm your device in any form, it will just configure consolidated.db to auto purge via standard sql calls. When a new entry is pulled into database, it will auto purge all data on the updated table.

    No executable code or external program needed running on the iPhone.

    This patch IS USABLE on NOT JAILBROKEN devices too

    1st get the database:

    In JAILBROKEN devices just SCP/FTP to /var/root/Library/Caches/locationd and copy consolidated.db to your computer

    In NOT JAILBROKEN devices a method is proposed here using itunes backups to access the file:
    – Find Stored iPhone Location Data on your Computer - Wired How-To Wiki

    ALL DEVICES Apply the patch to the database. The easy way is opening the file with a SQL browser, and import the TrackerBuster.sql

    Any SQL browser will do the job, but sometimes freeware is not easy to find in windows so I used and tested with the SQLite Database Browser over a PuppyLinux 5.2.5 liveCD

    in JAILBROKEN You can also apply the patch via terminal if sqlite3 is installed on the iphone.
    Copy the TrackerBuster.sql to any folder on your device (I suggest /private/var so you will have to type the path later).
    Type "su"+enter, and type password. Navigate to /var/root/Library/Caches/locationd, and type " sqlite3 consolidated.db '.read /private/var/TrackerBuster.sql' ".

    In JAILBROKEN devices just SCP/FTP and copy the modified consolidated.db to to /var/root/Library/Caches/locationd

    In NOT JAILBROKEN devices restore from your last backup in iTunes once database is patched

    READY, your iPhone is not tracking your data anymore, with no programs running on the background. The data are not deleted with the patch, when new data is pulled in the database, consolidated.db will purge itself via sql calls. No software running in the background

    If you need to restore the tracking ability of the device just remove the file using the same methods

    Extended info in the script itself, just open it with any text or code editor


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  2. Thanks imobile thanked for this post.

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    Just applied the patch to the db and restored my unjailbroken device with itunes using your detailed description and it's working like a charm!
    Thank you very much for this!



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