Hello guys !!

I have a litte problem...

I fully unlock my iphone thanks to the dev team !!
Great job guys ! U Rule!

My problem is related to this:

[quote]Apple left a rather small space for operator name, so if it's above 7(?) characters, it will scroll, and display only first part (click picture at right). I found a way to decrease the font size, making it fit.

Load the following file in a Hex editor:


Font size should be at offset 7C176. In HxD, just click "Search → Goto" and set offset to 7C176 as shown in picture below. If the font size is not at this offset in your file, you can try a text string search for loopOperatorToBeginning, it should be right above that.

As you can see, you can also change the font type, and color of the text. Default is size 14. Changing it to 11 or 12 should do. So far, i have not found a way to trick the phone into using a logo image file instead, like it does for AT&T/T-mobile etc, if someone finds out, let me know. I wonder why the iPhone only display the name of the GSM-network - not the name provider name stored on SIM like most other phones do.[quote]

My question is
Where can I modify this data ?