Hi all,

I need your estimation: Since I unlocked my 1.1.2 OTB I had this audio problem (other also mentioned this and most people could get rid of it by doing these strange things like plugging their headphones in and out and so on. For me this did not work and I started opening the headphone jack (yes... oh my god...!!) started playing with it. I could get the internal speaker to work while the jack was plugged and I sticked something from the lower side. Somehow I don't know why there was no sound at all anymore. No headphone, no speaker (until then there was headphone sound but only on one channel). Until today: NOTHING. No sound from speaker, no sound from headphone jack.

The weird thing is: I can do calls and use the speaker and mic. But a normal call is not possible. No sound from the phone and the mic is also off. Only the free speech mode is working (even microphone!). When comeone is calling, the speaker is also working. And when chosing between different ringtones the speaker is also working.

NOW: Is this the jack only? Can I force the iPhone to use the normal mic and output for calls instead of only letting me use the free speech?

Is there any hope?