I was pretty drunk yesterday and accidentally dropped my iPhone 3GS and picked it back up. When I got home I noticed that the volume controller button on the side wasn't there any more, the one under the mute. I went back to the place where it had fell but it was not there. I figured it wouldn't make that much of a difference seeming as it's just a button. No sound works when I place headphones in either.

Later I found out that no sound was working on my phone. This happens at all occasions i.e. When I get a call, for my alarm, listening to music, keyboard sounds, unlocking the phone when unmuted, etc.

I've googled around everywhere to no solution. Any ideas as to what I should do that wouldn't include sending it to Apple or to a shop for it to get fixed? I'm figuring the speakers have stopped working. I reset it last night and right now I just restored it to its factory settings and it's still fucked.

I'm assuming it's the speakers.
Any idea?