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Discuss [SOLUTION] Why your phone gets stuck in sleep mode! at the General -; Ok, so this problem has been happening to me for a while now. With the ...
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    Default [SOLUTION] iPhone Stuck In Sleep Mode

    Ok, so this problem has been happening to me for a while now. With the help of XianLi and LennyX, I found out why it happens and how to prevent it. It happens with every phone I've tried emulating the problem with. It seems to be there in every phone.

    Why does your phone get stuck in sleep mode?
    It gets stuck when you put your phone into sleep mode as you are scrolling from your last page to your second last page, like this:

    So pretty much, wait till your home page is on a set screen, THEN turn it off. Since its happening with about 5 iPhones that I have tried, it's most likely embedded in the firmware. So we have to wait for a fix from apple or somebody else.

    I hope I helped!

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