i'm in front of an iPhone v1.1.1 jailbreaked.

-If not charging, the iPhone is in an endless boot process
-if charging, it boots, and directly goes to the shutdown screen (with the red slider at the top)

-if I cancel the shutdown, the iPhone works normally but i can't get it to [sleep, switch off screen] with the power button, nor shutdown (in going back to the screen with the red slider that I had just after boot).
if I enable a 1min sleep time, after the iPhone went in sleep, I cannot wake it up by the power button. It only works with the home button.

it seems like the power button is stuck in the clicked position but this is weird because the mechanical "click" of the button works normally.

In addition: yesterday, when i found it like that, the volume up and down button where acting odd too. they where both stuck in clicked position (I mean the iphone behaved like they were clicked) but were not stuck mechanicly (as it is for the power button). But for that issue, when I woke up today, the volume buttons were working the right way.

now, I 'd like to know if someone has an idea, already had this problem, have the answer to that issue.
Do anyone know about a service boot menu where the hardware can be autochecked like on ipods ? (i.e: live feedback of button, screen test,etc...)

I just discovered the issues when I took the iPhone out of my pocket.