Hello, i'm new to the forum and was wondering if you guys could help me answer some questions. Im planning to unlock my phone to be able to use it with a regular cingular sim card, first i will activate my phone using the iphone activation tool from hacktheiphone.com, after that i want to jailbreak my phone following the "10 steps to modding the iphone from hacktheiphone.com as well, and finally i will follow steps 11-18 on using the cingular simcard (the easy method) form hacktheiphone.com once again.

My questions were the following:

1- First of all, do the steps I plan to take sound right, or am I doing something wrong?

2- Once I perform these mods, will I be able to update my phone using software sync when updates are released from apple without losing all the modifications?

3- If one of these days they release a software unlock from either iphonesimfree.com or other party, will these modifications prevent me from downloading this unlocking software and fully unlocking the phone?