Hi guys

I found this herehttp://gizmodo.com/gadgets/exclusive...ems-298300.php

But wanted to share my own experience too,I tried unlocking my phone several times ,until " carlosvaldosta" helped me out,although after the unlock i havent been able to completely confirm it unlocked,but the issue i was facing was I had a indian sim in which the pin cannot be disabled,i dint even tell this to carlosvaldosta ,but after reading the article I think that sims having a pin are going to be problmatic to unlock unless a update is made.

So guys if you are trying to unlock it and testing the phone with a sim having a pin,must try and check it with a sim which doesnt have a pin.

I hope this helps and is not a hoax.I mean i dont know how true this is ,but as in my case I think this is wat is happening.So guys in the dev please have a look at this

thx again guys for all the help!