I’ve been watching your web, it looks as if you were my last chance.

I have several problems on my Iphone, I wasted a lot of time trying to mend it, I contacted several forums as well asking for help but it seems that my problem is not normal.

I’d like you to advise me what to do with it, just to know if I have any possibility to mend it or is better if I forget it.

That’s the current configuration:

- Iphone 1.1.1 Native jailbroken to 1.1.1 and free with anysim*.
- Any program installed but Open SSH and BSD Subsystem*.
- Using Itunes 7.4.3 with Vista to restore it

*For your information, after restoring without jailbreaking, and virginizing, I find myself with the same problems. So I am sure I have no problems with the applications but the iphone itself.


The first time I found the error was just a couple of hours after jailbreaking (307 methode) and freeing (AnySIM), nothing else installed nor the BSD Subsystem, my phone suddenly got frozen, and I had to restart by pushing home+sleep buttons.

Now I have several kind of random errors.

- After restarting doesn’t appear the start screen, but if I insist a lot of times, finally it can appear.

- When the main screen is up, it can work for a time, some seconds, minutes, hours, maybe some days, but in any moment I can have another frozen screen, or even worse, I can find a black screen instead (as if the iphone were turned off), but I only can turn it on by means a reset (with battery ok).

- Restoring is not the solution, since it happens the same as resetting, the main screen may appear every time I try or I also can see a continuous apple, till a white circle in the middle of the apple appears, nothing more, to stop this I have to restore. And after several restores I can get the main screen back.

The greatest confusion for me comes now, I had the Iphone working ok for 2 weeks without any error, using everything, tuning on and off several times, everything was ok, but I had installed a game “Labyrinth” where you have a ball that you have to put into a hole, you move it with the sensors, the game always worked fine, but once, playing more than usual the application failed, I could go back to the home again by pushing and holding the home button, but I tried to start again the game (my mistake), and I had to reset the iphone, the reset althouth was fine, I could have the main screen at first.

After this happened, I had a different error with the ipod, playing youtube, watching pictures… the problem was that I couldn’t go back home, so I had to reset everytime, and anytime I reseted I had the main screen. But of course to solve that problem, I tried to restore, after restoring I had no problems with the main screen, but once it was jailbroken I tried the same applications and randomly I had the same problems, but rotating the ipod to play with the sensors. Since finally, after several restores I had the problems described above (the main screen didn’t appear).

Things I tried:

- Restoring a lot of times, with and without virginizing.
- Upgrading to 1.1.2 with jailbreak and anysim (same frozen problems) and downgrading to 1.1.1 (also the baseband).
- Once I tried to downgrade to 1.0.2, I did it, but I couldn’t jailbroken because the freezement, so I understood that wasn’t the solution neither.
- Someone told me to give more permissions to the lockdownd file, since mine has 0555, but that wasn’t the solution neither.

In the crash reporter, I have files mostly indicating that something is wrong with the Springboard, (when I had problems with the sensors the error was different.)

Although I think my iphone is defective, I think it could be a software problem that can be meant.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Sorry for this long email, but I tried to be as specific as possible.