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Discuss SERIOUSLY the best case/hip combo PICS INSIDE! at the General -; ***SCROLL DOWN TO GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT*** I've been really searching, trying ad reading ...
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    Default SERIOUSLY the best case/hip combo PICS INSIDE!


    I've been really searching, trying ad reading up on the perfect case combo... after everything is said and done, I can attest that the belkin hardshell is sturdy, but it easily allows dust and crumbs inside... and also busts open if dropped. I have a friend using this case, and he regrets buying the case. I have another friend who purchased a hipcase from the apple store, its convenient and provides easy access into the case, unfortunately, when outside of the case it isn't protected and is open for all sorts of damage.

    I, and a few other fellow friends who have iphones have come to find that the best case by far is the Incase, rubber casing. although it does end up stretching a little, it does the job of protecting very well. You may have to occasionally remove it to clean out the minute amount of dust, to prevent any scratching. (Dust in cases is normal but this does a good job of keeping it out). The tight snugg fit also ensures the best protection. absorbs all shock. I've dropped it a few times and its clean as a whistle.

    The incase rubber casing plus the protective films they sell at the apple store are great.

    ******THE POINT******
    You usually cant get the best of both worlds, hip holster and ensured protection. There are a few cases out there that have a "clip on" to the a)hardshell case or b)have some sort of adapter. Most clip ons ive seen are based on swivel, and it seems a little compensated for the superior casing.

    Most holsters out there are custom fitted for the iphone.. unable to house the phone and rubber casing .

    THE SOLUTION, simple. yes i know. "fit's the iphone"!

    for only 9.99 at target! It's made for bigger phones, so the iphone by itself doesnt fit well, unless you have a rubber casing.

    Unfortunately it has a magnet, (this debate is 50/50)... to mitigate any risks, I solved it by doing the following.

    I gutted out the magnets inside the flap, cut out a piece of cardboard to keep the flaps firmness, and then glued the velcro in its place.

    The clip rotates and is pretty snug. works well. offers maximum casing at the hip. eliminates the need to keep in pocket (wear dust and lint collect).

    EVERYTHING FITS PERFECTLY, and it has easy access, with apush through hole on the bottom.
    custom cut, I glued everything together, it looks like it was never modded.

    PM me if you want more details.
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