Has anyone managed to teach the iPhone not to look for the IMEI either by changing a flag or disabling the process (temp fix) or by giving it the IMEI via a background process that runs with all other normal active processes (temp fix again)? If so, how does the phone react? (

AT&T has stated that they will unlock the phone after satisfying their minimum contractual terms of 2 years. Clearly, this unlock is both upgrade and restore resistant. As such, whatever changes they make to unlock the phone need to remain with it at all times irrespective of software upgrades/restores. I assume that this unlock will be pushed out to users via iTunes and will not a unique code that you type in via a hidden menu or is accomplished via a visit to an AT&T office. Given Mr. Jobsí prediction of 10m iPhones before the end of 2008, iPhone reprogramming would cost AT&T more than itís worth.

In light of the above, has anyone tried sniffing the network exchanges between iTunes and Apple when an AT&T activated phone is attached to a computer or during the AT&T activation process to see whatís exchanged and/or snooped what iTunes is doing and what information itís accessing?