Hi all, I am having problems while taking screenshots
I tried Erica's Utilities and this method: http://www.hacktheiphone.com/73/ipho...t_windows.html
In both cases, when I try to execute snap/snap2album or screenshot I get this error:
# screenshot
About to snap screen.
2007-11-11 17:44:05.592 screenshot[103:d03] Couldn't register with bootstrap server unknown error code (0x44f); failing...
103: ABORT: Unable to register "UnknownPurpleApp" port, 1103 unknown error code
zsh: abort screenshot
the only diff between snap,snap2album and screenshot is the name of the command, the rest is all the same, so theres no need to copy the 3 error messages.

Can anyone help me ? I've searched a lot b4 posting, I've found lots of ppl with this problem, but I havent found a solution...