Hello to all.
I am a new to the iphone.
But i have been doing a lot of reading and i have some question.
First let me give my phone details.

Carrier: AT&T iphone 4S

version : 6.0.1 (10A523)

Model : MC922LL

SN# : ------------

Modem Firmware : 3.0.04

I would like to jailbreak the phone.
And have Cydia on the phone.
I know their are apps that you pay for and there are some that are free.
I have even seen some apps that the i store does not even carry.

First question is the a list or page of the words used when talking
about things you can do to the phone?

By words i mean like Pwned,jailbrake,boadrband.
I guess what i am asking for is terminology used in the iphone world.

Next question is can my phone even be jailbreaked?

Next one is can i change themes and icons.

And last will i be able to use any app i want?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.